“The 16 Word Sales Letter” ChatGPT Prompt

I love a good ‘prompt engineering’ project. There is a great Direct Marketing & Copywriting book called ‘The 16 Word Sales Letter’ and in it, it outlines a framework for creating a sales letter.

I re-read the book today and thought “I wonder how I can get ChatGPT to create this faster for me but still follow the framework as closely as possible”

An hour later after some experimentation, I designed this prompt that produced the best results.

Just copy and paste the below prompt, make a few slight adjustments, and AWAY YOU GO!

P.S. works better with GPT4 than GPT3.5

The prompt starts here:

The business name is [your offer/biz name].

We provide a [service/product] that achieves the main outcome of [main outcome] by using the unique [framework/system/mechanism] of [describe the uniqueness]

Write a sales letter for a product that follows a structured approach to persuade the audience.

The sales letter should include:

1 – One Belief Statement that emphasizes the unique opportunity the service or product provides for achieving the main outcome and using that to achieve the audience’s key desires through the unique mechanism or framework.

2 – Explanation of how this product/service is different from other similar competitors.

3 – Description of the main outcome and benefits the audience can expect from the service/product.

4 – ABT (And, But, Therefore) story structure that showcases the effectiveness of the service/product.

5 – Address common roadblocks the audience might face, showing empathy and understanding.

6 – Identification of a common enemy that has prevented the audience from achieving the main outcome or other relevant outcomes.

7 – Reasons for the audience to take action now, addressing their resistance to trust, concerns about losing freedom, and inclination to do nothing.

8 – A relatable story of how the founder overcame similar challenges and found success through this new approach.

9 – High-level overview of the service content and steps or principles, using the ABT Story Structure.

10 – Explanation of the service/product’s value proposition, a relevant and high-value bonus, and steps to get started with the offer.

11 – Reminder of the potential losses if the audience does not take action, reinforcing the unique opportunity the service provides.

The prompt ends here.

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